The doctor says that grief is getting out of hand when we put things off, so she asks me questions like: have you sent the tax forms, paid your bills, and so on…

I am not dodging the big things. They need doing so I do them, but when little things show up, like dishes into the dishwasher, vacuuming the floor, washing down the cupboard doors and so on…I’m not so prompt, although I do eventually do these (quite boring) things.

Oh is that my grief showing? I panic. Then I remember that I didn’t like to do that stuff before Ron died either. Maybe my issue is not grief recovery but total dislike of housework…

I’d rather write…so I do.


“Drunkenness is far from me. Thou wilt grant in thy mercy that it never approach me. But gluttony sometimes steals upon thy servant.” — St. Augustine.

No Longer

An eating binge, a total fast;
Bad habits, Lord, that seem to last.
Too much today, tomorrow naught.
Oh, Lord the cookies that I’ve bought
For ‘lunches’ have all disappeared…..
And it is just as I had feared.
My gluttony destroyed the box.
I lied about them like a fox.
My gluttony Lord is destroying me.
Help me to fight former slavery.
You promised that in Christ, I’m free.
Oh, Lord, keep on reminding me…
That you have made me new and clean.
I’m now no longer what I’ve been.

(Based on Romans 6:11-14)

Prayer: Lord, help us remember and live like we are new…because we are, in Christ. Amen.

My devotionals from today’s

Clean Sink

You won’t believe how easy it is to make your house look clean and to make yourself happy.
Pour 1-2 cups of javex in kitchen sink. Fill with hot water and go away for an hour. Come back –drain and voila a sparkly kitchen sink and it makes the rest of the house glow. (You won’t notice the dust!) : )
Brenda Wood, author & speaker

My Writing Voice

I travelled to my first writer’s conference through fear and trepidation into expectation. What is my niche? Why would anyone want to read any of my stuff? Why would I even want to write it? The writers gathered there loved the conference but I came away more fearful than ever.

Fears that I wouldn’t be able to follow through on my personal commitments, that maybe after all, I’m only a mediocre writer; fears that I’d never measure up to my own standards, let alone those of others.

I  dared myself to take bigger bites out of life; spent more time  hanging out at the computer keys, started a novel, tried a short story or two.

I persevered, moved forward, started a blog,  and even opened a twitter account. To my great delight, in no time at all, I sold my first piece via the internet. I started to describe myself as Writer.

Now, I dare to enter this contest,

because I found a voice and it is mine.

Brenda J Wood

Winners! Winners! Winners!

The blog hop was a great success and thanks to all who stopped by! Several folks asked for the May devotionals and I sent them but heard no reply so hope you got one if you asked!! Let me know if not…

The winner of the actual book The Big Red Chair is Lisa and the Meeting MYslef goes to Faith-

AND my neighbour, and fellow author, Patricia Day won one of the Kindles !! Way to go Pat!!!