Coffee Cup Bible Study

Sundays at 9 – 9:45 am (at the church, room 116)

Starts September 21st (Sunday Worship service starts at 10 AM)


Come  and study God’s Word together.   We will be studying different books of  the Bible in 4 week segments so you can start anytime.   We will be  starting with the book of Colossians.     We will be using the study  guide “Cappuccino with Colossians” which  is part of the Coffee Cup Bible Studies.

   Deceptions about Jesus’ identity are common today but are hardly new.   First-century believers had challenges of their own from those who held  to early forms of Gnosticism.  Through his letter to them, the apostle  Paul helps the Colossians-and consequently us-to see Christ in His true  glory as firstborn, as master, as Lord, and as God.   In Cappuccino with Colossians you will encounter in the humble Son the same God who created all things and through whom all things hold together. …Cappuccino with Colossians  sets the stage for exciting, faith-stretching interaction with God’s Word.

Looking forward to having you join us!


Contact: Tanya Prinsep or the Church Office at 705-737-2113