Kimberley Payne @fitforfaith and Janis Cox @authorjaniscox are closing down Family and Faith Matter @famfaithmatters.

P.S. After we told our contributors that we are closing down Family & Faith Matters blog, Brenda Wood responded and blessed us with a poem.


What to Say? What to Say?

After all, don’t they know

That I sit here bemoaning

And missing it so?


The loss, not just writings

But close friendships true,

The contact of journeys

That takes paths askew?


But when God is leading

What are we to do?

But walk in obedience,

Both all and you two!


So off we all wander,

Our paths on their own,

But carrying the joy

That friendships have grown!

Brenda J Wood


After reading Brenda’s heartfelt words, Jan felt she needed to respond. The response flowed out in poetry.


We will not lose connection,

God will be true

To lead us together

With something else to do.


We will wait and watch

Knowing He cares

And be ready to move

As He shows He’s aware.


Merry Christmas to you,

And Kimberley too

Happy New Year to all

We’ll see this job through.

Love Janis

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