Going to Write Canada-results

Brenda, Brenda – where have you been?
Off to Britain for tea with the Queen?
Your car was gone –  you weren’t around town
Phoned the Mounties so you could be found
This is your friendly moni-tring service
Didn’t know where you were and we all got nervous
But you were just laffin at a  convention
Didn’t need beaky nose intervention
What a relief cos I was scared you know
Thought  you’d been abducted by a UFO

Birthday Pake

Sometimes an act of desperation becomes a brilliant invention. So it is with our family and Pake. Our son asked for Lemon Pie instead of the usual birthday cake. I ran out of time and instead, poured his favourite lemon pie filling over thin slices of lemon poppy seed cake. What a hit! I may never have to make pastry again!

God got to the end of his rope so to speak.  He’d led his people through every event possible, (see the Old Testament!) and yet they still did not trust him. They followed him when it was convenient and abandoned him when it suited them.

And finally, he prepared the most wonderful Pake for the world. God’s recipe for Pake was to send Jesus so that we could see God incarnate, i.e., ‘in bodily form.’

And still there are a lot of unbelievers in the world who refuse to believe that Jesus Christ was truly human, a flesh-and-blood human being. (2 John 1:7a, MSG)


Prayer- Thank you, God for your Pake, the most brilliant plan ever, the son of God incarnate, in bodily form, available to us, just for the asking! Amen

Write Canada List

When we attend a conference like Write Canada. we come away with challenges, to do lists and brilliant writing ideas.

For instance, I redesigned the cover of God Gluttony & You, my Bible Study to be released soon. Then I ordered Scrivener the writing tool everyone raves about. (My jury is still out on that one!)  And on and on my list goes. ….BUT dear writer friends, don’t forget to add this  to your list. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)