Regret Free Parenting-Regretfully

Oh how I wish I’d had this book, Regret Free Parenting, by Catherine Hickem, LCSW, when I was raising my own children. The author caught my attention immediately by quoting “The Dash” by Linda Ellis. It speaks to what we will do between our birth and our death. Ms. Hickem takes it one step farther. She says Who’ we influence is more important than our do.

I especially liked chapter 6 because it addresses the difference between control and intention, or addressing our fears. I was a control mom, simply because I lived in fear. I learned lots about myself in this chapter.

And I am grateful that I learned early on to give everything over to faith. Whew!

This is a quick read, easy to understand book, full of helpful examples and clear explanations. Highly recommend it.

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PCCWeb Daily PCCWeb DailyThursday, August 26, 2010

Today’s Devotional Yellow Sprinkle Prayers

1 Thessalonians 5:17 – Pray continually. (NIV)

Our four-year-old granddaughter knows what she likes, and today, it’s yellow. She boldly wears a dazzlingly bright yellow short set and chooses mustard for her sandwich. She scribbles only with buttercup-coloured crayons and grins mightily as we journey past a field of golden sunflowers.

Our special day together passes in a sunny yellow haze. Soon we will spend a few minutes together at the local coffee shop. I will have my coffee and Kaia will have her vanilla donut with sprinkles. Why am I surprised to hear her request for yellow sprinkles?

Oh, oh! The sprinkles are never yellow and Kaia is four. I mean, today of all days, she is really four. She is not fond of refused requests. Oh, oh!

“Please, Lord,” I said aloud. “Will you please give Kaia yellow sprinkles today?” And we went in, to a place no grandma wants to go — a place that could spell meltdown for both of us.

And in that never-before-yellow-sprinkle coffee shop, stood a rack of vanilla donuts… with yellow sprinkles.

“Ah,” said Miss Kaia, smiling joyfully, “God gave me yellow sprinkles.”

I slowly sipped my coffee, grateful, of course, for yellow sprinkles, but also regretting the many other times when I could have prayed and didn’t.

What would happen if we really took advantage of God’s advice and prayed without ceasing?

Prayer: Lord, help us to trust You with yellow sprinkles, those prayers that seem too insignificant to mention. Amen.

Brenda Wood

Shaquille O’Neal

For all you basketball lovers out there…this month’s free book is???!!!!??!

Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go  by Lucille O’Neal. Yes. You got it!

Shaquille’s mom wrote the book and he wrote the forward for it…

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So Do You?

So do you? Take care of yourself, that is? Here are some of Sheila Wray Gregoire’s comments on the topic.

Perhaps you’re reading this post thinking, “I wish I could worry about being too busy!” Don’t worry; the time will come. And like I said, the busy-ness does not all have to do with speaking. If you can see you have a busy personal time, just don’t take engagements then. It’s not worth it, and you’re far more likely to become ill and run down.

You can find the rest of Sheila Wray Gregoire’s comments here

Who knew? I thought I needed to pour out my life to God and that included setting aside everything to speak, no matter where. No matter if it was a family grad, or a funeral or a celebration of some kind.
No? Why didn’t you say so sooner , Sheila! Where were you when I needed you?

The Angst of Journaling

I can’t always speak the truth so I write it…in my journals (thirty-five spiral ring note books so far).

I sometimes wonder what my eventual readers will have to say about these scribbles.  Might they be angry? Most of the books on grief say that anger is part of the recovery process. All right then. Let them get it all out at once!

Sorry that they had not taken the time to know me well? Perhaps. In that case, they might begin to listen more to the heart of those still living.

Decide that they made the right decision after all? Why not? I am not perfect and surely some of my feelings were unjustified. The good thing is that I kept them to myself…until now.