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REVIEW of Meeting Myself by Author Iris Ford


It’s not  often you pick up a book and can’t put it down.  The inner agony here is palpable. You  will feel it as you read. The pace rushes on and you say to yourself, “Oh, what  will she do?”  The author has got  you in her grasp, or maybe it is better to say – her bulimic despair has you up-tight,  especially if you also suffer from the up-chucking that is actually clenching  Brenda in its grip.  Can you get rid  of your despair that way, or any way?  If this is you, hiding in there, then this book will grab you!

Brenda  suffers agony and keeps it all to her ‘self’, upchucking down the pipes of the “white toilet”, trying to get rid of an unpleasant agony from childhood. “White” means pure, right? You read on and get the message: this is a struggle to be  pure.  Only God achieves that and He  does as the book hurries you on.  One senses the tug of war with God and one’s body.  What to eat, or better put: how much NOT  to eat, or even better, HIDE the food where no one else will find it until  later, later, later in unimaginable places.  The struggle goes on, and you read on  and on, sharing her despair and secret.

Finally, the  reader also shares Brenda’s approach to God where she thankfully finds healing  and peace.  But it is not over yet.  God moves slowly as Brenda takes you along her every struggle until God fills  her soul and body with forgiveness and peace. Yes, this is quite a book and if  you know anyone suffering from this affliction do share Brenda’s story.  Here is hope, forgiveness and a loving,  forgiving, healing Saviour. Jesus also knows what a painfully suffering body is  all about as His body took the brunt of all our sin, including  Brenda’s.

Brenda is  openly honest as she “Meets with herself, sharing these Snippets from a Binging  and Bulging Mind”, showing the reader what it feels like to suffer from a  bulimic disposition. Yet Brenda also brings children into the world and shares a  loving relationship with her husband.  How did she do it, you ask?  Well, read on and find out.  You will enjoy this book even if you aren’t bulimic. We all suffer from  some kind of pain, whether in the body or mind – usually in both.

Reviewed by  Iris M. Ford

The Book of Common Sense-D.L. Dennis

The Book of Common Sense by D.L. Dennis

Common sense is simple but many people don’t understand that. For instance, there is right and wrong, truth or lie. Readers of my blog know that I am all about common sense, so when I saw this book, I knew I had to read it.

D.L Dennis knows common sense and writes about it. It is a business book but not necessarily only for those in business. I would call it a life-living book. Dennis started with nothing and eventually, became president of an insurance company. While it sounds an easy transition, Dennis freely admits where he made mistakes and how he learned to do the right thing.

The book is full of one-liners like this. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Be truthful with yourself. You are able to choose the path you wish to take. Blaming others can be habit forming.

D.L. Dennis says “Some people who read this book might say smugly to themselves, I already knew all of these things.”   But isn’t there a big difference between having wisdom and doing actually using it? I mean I knew what to do to lose weight but for years I never implemented that wisdom. Sometimes I even forget it now. This book will remind me.

“I received this book free from the publisher through the book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Brenda Wood, author & speaker

Meeting Myself, Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind


A Niece’s Perspective on our Life Situations

My niece, Lauretta Holt,  in Arizona blogs regularly at The Plumbline  and today I want to share a few of her ‘wisdom lines.’

‘I don’t know what “hard place” you may find yourself in.  I don’t know how “barren” your life may feel at this moment.  The sheer face of this rock was quite cool to the touch.  This is often the case with the hard places in our lives – they are cold, hard, and just don’t appear to be very promising.  Yet…in determining to focus upward, we can realize our greatest potential for growth.  In time, the small crag in the hard place can become the greatest “footing” for our connection to the source of all life!
So, hold on!  Cling tight to the one who gives life!  The barrenness will not overcome you  – –  you shall overcome it, in the care of the Master of all hard places!  May God bring good things from this hard place!’

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Are You Laying Eggs?

“There is no need to be worried by facetious people who try to make the Christian hope of ‘Heaven’ ridiculous by saying they do not want to spend eternity playing harps.’ The answer to such people is that if they cannot understand books written for grown-ups, they should not talk about them.

All the scriptural imagery (harps, crowns, gold, etc) is of course, a merely symbolical attempt to express the inexpressible.

People who take these symbols literally might as well think that when Christ told us to be like doves, He meant that we were to lay eggs.”

(C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (New York: The MacMillan Company, 1952),106

(Quoted by Dan Schaeffer, A Better Country (Grand Rapids, Michigan, Discovery House, 2008) 43-44

Ebooks and You

E books seem to be the ‘new’ publishing genre. Whether you write them or just read them, I think you will enjoy this article. Because I wrote it, of course I think it is great, but–what was I thinking when I sent that picture? Love to hear your comments and do feel free to pass the link along.

In case you didn’t know

about the author: Brenda Wood

“I believe Jesus is the answer to every question.”Brenda Wood is a motivational speaker, writer and author of Heartfelt, 366 Devotions for Common Sense Living. She is also a recovered bulimic who has gained and lost several 1000 pounds over the years! She understands the pain of overweight and the agony of life with an eating disorder. Brenda is known for her common sense wisdom, sense of humor and quirky comments.

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