Writers Nest Sweeps Blog Awards!

You might not be aware of the Canadian Blog awards, but Whatever He Says by Belinda Burston,  http://whateverhesays.blogspot.ca/2014/02/with-gratitude.html  won Best Religion and Philosophy Blog,

Devoted to the Lamb-  http://www.devotedtothelamb.com  by Julie Bowles took second,

and Susan Starrett tied for 3rd place with God and the Black River  http://sstarrett.blogspot.ca/


Why do I care? I care because these gals are part of my writing family at The Writers’ Nest. We share manuscripts at our meetings but more than that, we laugh, cry, visit and encourage one another. Congratulations one and all!!

A Turkey Masquerade

I am delighted to announce that my blog


has been nominated under the ‘new blog’ category in the  2010 blog awards.

I feel a bit like a cartoon I saw this week.

The farmer is standing with ax in hand and the turkey beside him is yelling “Woof!  Woof!’

That’s me. Surprised to find that I am nominated and feeling like an impostor.

There are so many great blogs and great writers……

You can find the links  the right of this note.

You are allowed to vote for your favourites….

Brenda J. Wood