Almond Butterscotch Delights

  I used to eat these by the panful. Now I use my God-given sense of self-control and eat one at a time. So can you. Make a coffee and nibble the edges slowly…make it last! A Weight Watchers member enjoys every bit of their food and plans wisely…….

Makes 48 servings

12 large graham crackers about 5″by 2 1/2″

 1/2 pound butter

1 cup brown sugar lightly packed

1 cup almonds ,slivered

Line a cookie sheet (which has edges!) with parchment paper. Break the crackers along score lines. Each large cracker should make 4 smalller ones. Place crackers on cookie sheet.

Melt the butter in a saucepan and add brown sugar. Let boil for 2 minutes. Spread this mixture over the crackers. Sprinkle almonds (or other nuts) over top. If you don’t care about the calories…and at this point why would you…add a few chocolate chips.

Bake at 350F for 7 minutes. Let cool. Break apart and store in cookie tins. It is wise to separate layers with parchment paper.

PER SERVING: 71.7 Calories, 5.2 g Total Fat, 2.6 g Saturated Fat, 10.3 mg Cholesterol, 61.6 mg Sodium, 6.0 g Total Carbohydrate, 0.3 g Dietary Fiber, 0.7 g Protein, 9.8 mg Calcium.

Saving Cookies

Susan suggests a better way to keep cookies! Put them in containers in the freezer all right, but label them ‘LIVER’!

What a great idea!! Still, that won’t keep me from eating them, will it?

In my previously over done binging life, I used to eat a lot of frozen food. Butter tarts never really freeze; they just get a little chewy and yummy for your teeth, gums and tummy. Cookies are the same and with the advent of the microwave, I was doomed to quick thaw.

The amount of stuff that I swallowed would feed a  small third world country, with leftovers for the island of Hawaii.

Thank God for God!! He intervened in my life and helped me choose a more normal life style….

How about you?

Have you found out that God tastes better than frozen butter tarts?

Brenda J Wood

Weekend Fever

Ron and I joke about having a ‘quiet’ day. That never happens here. Even though we are technically retired, something comes up to use up our hours, minutes and second.

We do have scheduled events like Doctor appointments on the calender but our really ‘quiet’ days involve people just dropping in for a coffee, or a writing pal calling about some thought or other.

We never turn people away. Think about what we might miss if we didn’t entertain on a whim.

The Bible says we might even entertain angels unaware! We don’t want to miss that opportunity!

Now if you are a timid host, chose not to be afraid.

Buy a few cookies or if you are in the baking mood, whip up a batch, freeze them (deep so a hubby or a gal on a snack rampage) can’t find them. Serve up with a coffee, a tea or maybe a glass of lemonade.

And maybe–you will find an angel gracing your doorstep!

Brenda J Wood

Let’s Start a New Cut-off Date.

Are we ever really ready? It’s a good job there is a cut-off date – December 25th- or we would be buying, baking and decorating for ever. After years of learning better habits, I still tend to occasionally fall into the same mess.

Right now I am making serviettes for our dining table. Red with white machine embroidery on each. They will be pretty as is but if the cut-off date doesn’t come too soon, I might also embroider each person’s name on one.. See what I mean?

I wasn’t going to bake much but hubby wanted cookies for his I made one batch of Do-Dos. But one batch alone on a plate looks a little sad and the cut-off date isn’t here yet…—  See what I mean?

I am making a new cut-off date. It is today! Want to join me?

Thank God that He doesn’t make a cut-off date for us. He generously extends and re-extends time for us to ask Him into our lives.

He came into this world as a baby…..God became man…so that He could die on the cross for our sin, our wrong-doing,  and make a way for us to be in fellowship with Him.

But He is a Gentleman. We have to ask Him into our life.

Because what if He suddenly decided on a cut-off date? And we missed Christmas in every way?

Brenda J. Wood