Lost Licence

The doctor asked me not to drive until after some tests were completed. The tests were expected to take anywhere from two weeks to two months. It wasn’t the doctor’s fault, really. It is a government guideline, but that didn’t help my head much. I gave myself the Peter disease.

UGH!! Not drive? What was she thinking? How would I get to where I needed to go? How would I get to the grocery store or a doctor appointment? I’d have to beg the kids for a ride. I’d have to sell my home and go live in my kids’ basement. What about my car? What would I do with it?

In minutes, I’d worked myself into hysteria. Then I called friends and family and shared the disease. Some of them refused to take it on. They offered calm; they offered rides; they offered compassion… BUT I DIDN’T WANT ANY OF IT! I WANTED TO DRIVE MY OWN SELF IN MY OWN CAR!!!

But I had no choice, or so I thought.

I forgot to remember Peter, who forgot to remember Jesus

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. (Matthew 11:28a, AMP)

Prayer – Father, forgive us for forgetting, rePETERly, again and again, what you tell us. Amen






Breaking News!

The PITY ME train just derailed at the corner of SUCK IT UP and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

It crashed into WHAT ABOUT MY PROBLEMS and came to a complete stop at YOU ARE NOT ALONE gas station.

Medical personal who attended the scene included Dr. SNIFFALITUS and Nurse STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET.

The injured were transported to QUITCHUR BELLY ACHING Hospital.

Compensation requests may be forwarded to 1-800-CRY ME A RIVER.

All right before I get letters…it is a joke… but not if you are one of the wounded……