When Life Goes Awry

What do we do when life takes a different direction from our plan? What happens when everything we think to be true twists in another direction or is not in keeping with our plans or expectations?

Haven’t we all tried all kinds of ideas to get back on track? We scheme, we scream, we muddle, our way and puddle our tears. Nothing changes. I know. I’ve tried it all.

Only one thing stands the test of time and the trials of life.

So let’s give up our struggles and just hang on…to God and his son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

All God asks us to do is what he tells us to do; and if we will only do that, it is enough.


Have you ever been in a hopeless situation? People pray but God doesn’t respond. That’s where Peter was.

In Acts 12: 1-5, Herod beheaded James and arrested Peter. People prayed but Peter was still in prison. Just in the nick of time, an angel arrived to ‘save the day.’ This is not as wonderful as it sounds. The angel swatted him awake, and told him to get a move on.

(Verse 6-8) Peter thought it was a dream or a vision. Surely God didn’t answer prayer like this? Did He? (Verse 9)

Peter had trouble convincing others that he was free. (Verse 13-17) In spite of the miracle of freedom, Peter is still in danger. See how carefully the writer couches the truth in verse 17b. ‘Then he left and went to some other place.’

Prayer isn’t answered where, why, when, or how we think it will be. Our job is to pray, hang on through the situation, recognize the answers when they come and move forward into obedience.

Prayer-Lord, remind us to pray fervently and persistently no matter what your answers might be. Amen. (From Acts 12:5)