Breaking News!

The PITY ME train just derailed at the corner of SUCK IT UP and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

It crashed into WHAT ABOUT MY PROBLEMS and came to a complete stop at YOU ARE NOT ALONE gas station.

Medical personal who attended the scene included Dr. SNIFFALITUS and Nurse STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET.

The injured were transported to QUITCHUR BELLY ACHING Hospital.

Compensation requests may be forwarded to 1-800-CRY ME A RIVER.

All right before I get letters…it is a joke… but not if you are one of the wounded……

Ron is Back!

To our surprise Ron was released from hospital today when we had expected him to be in till at least Wednesday. His last chemotherapy worked too well and took his white and red cells down to almost non existent……

Today though he is back to his old self and we are grateful!! God is GOOD!!