Grace in the midst of Grief

Mondays are difficult. I notice the emptiness more for some reason and my heart is especially heavy today. So instead of eating, I write. The TV blares behind me but I don’t really hear America’s Got Talent blaring in the background.

That is, I don’t listen until I hear the words to this song.

…If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I love her? Will she know how much I care……

And the grace of God pours over me again as I listen to the words of the song Ron chose for his funeral service.

Ron’s Farewell Gift to Us

My DH (darling husband) Ron’s celebration service was all we wanted it to be.  Country music star, Walt Daly,  our neighbour and friend, sang this song as the closing tribute. However he sang it from Ron to all of us…”will they know how much I loved them.” I don’t have a video of Walt but thanks to Carley, here is the song by another performer.

Remember that you are loved. Tell someone today that you love them……

Brenda J Wood