When Life Goes Awry

What do we do when life takes a different direction from our plan? What happens when everything we think to be true twists in another direction or is not in keeping with our plans or expectations?

Haven’t we all tried all kinds of ideas to get back on track? We scheme, we scream, we muddle, our way and puddle our tears. Nothing changes. I know. I’ve tried it all.

Only one thing stands the test of time and the trials of life.

So let’s give up our struggles and just hang on…to God and his son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

All God asks us to do is what he tells us to do; and if we will only do that, it is enough.

Santa is NOT the Key to Christmas

We spend so much time getting our children to believe in Santa when we would be well advised to spend that time introducing them to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Forget trying to get Christ back into Christmas….it’s us that need to get back to Christ…

Brenda J. Wood