Is 7 Essential Habits of Christians a book I need?

Ask yourself “Is 7 Essential Habits of Christians a book I need?

And then answer yourself with a resounding yes. Just look at the topics covered in the book!

* Time with God

* Healthy Living

* Time Management

* Honing Writing Skills

* Crafting a Masterpiece

* Submitting

* Marketing

Maybe you aren’t a writer, but doesn’t every Christian need time with God, a healthy life style and the discipline of time management? Don’t we all need to hone the gift within us? God is crafting us as his master piece. While we might not submit an article, don’t we all have to submit to God’s will? As for marketing, which means “the activity of presenting products or services in such a way as to make them desirable,” don’t we want to present Christ so that others find him desirable?

Don’t take my word for it. Read what Phil Calloway ( writes about the book. Then buy it for yourself or a friend.

“I love seven things about this book: It is practical. It is affordable. It is encouraging. It is worth highlighting, underlining and dog-earing. Plus it made me forget about my toothache. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran writer, you’ll discover 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers to be jammed with instantly actionable advice that will make you a better writer. Dig in.”

Here is the purchase address.

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Health Matters-In the Top Fifty!!

I am proud to be a part of Health Matters – healthy spirit, healthy body. It’s been in the New & Noteworthy top 50 under Health for weeks now! Here’s the link to my part in it, a taste of the conversation, an opportunity to download the free full transcript, and a link to a free gift:

Upcoming Interview!

 Kimberley Payne interviewed me on her podcast called Health Matters–Healthy Spirit Healthy Body. It’s a show for women who want to improve their spiritual and physical health.

In the interview titled God, Gluttony & You, I talk about how gluttony is the ‘permissible’ Christian sin. Our lack of self-control is a blemish on our call to holy living. I want to bring us to an awareness of our responsibility in this area.

 I invite you to listen on iTunes at or on Stitcher Radio at  or Kimberley’s website at

The Health Matters Podcast interviews guest experts who agree that prayer & Bible study are to the spirit what exercise and healthy eating are to the body. If you liked my interview please help spread the word by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Kimberley has written directions on how to do this at

From the comfort of your own home

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn the secrets of health and fitness experts like…


–             how to take care of your body (your temple) from the inside out

–             a 5-step practical plan to lose weight and keep it off

–             how to recognize signs of an eating disorder like bulimia

–             how to move from bondage to freedom and design your optimal life

–             how to turn to Christ, instead of the fridge, to save you from your troubles


Join for FREE:

Listen For Free

I am one of this year’s speakers at the Health Matters Summit hosted by Kimberley Payne. For 5 days, starting on Monday, March 23rd,  I  join other health and fitness experts to explore  ways to improve spiritual and physical health. Go here to get your FREE guest pass: (cut and paste into your browser if necessary)