Happy Heart Day

No I am not hinting for candy, flowers or cards, nor do I expect them. However Patricia Day’s blog today is so wise that I wanted to share it with you. Valentines Day is such a couple’s thing that it excludes everyone else. We all know someone who is missing someone, even if it is because they haven’t found them yet.


Valentine’s Day fast approaches. Some will enjoy the day, while others will find it challenging because their loved one is gone.

Whether through death or by separation, Valentine’s Day hits hard, as many realize they are alone.  They no longer have that special person in their lives.

Perhaps, like me, you know someone who, very likely, will live through Valentine’s Day with dread and despair.

Let them know that you care.  It does not have to be a large elaborate card or gift; sometimes just a hug, a message or your time will suffice.  Knowing that another person cares can make all the difference in the world.  Loneliness does not have to feel as if you are completely alone.

Show them that you care and reach out to them on Thursday.



Can’t Give it Away

That apparently is the problem with December’s free book! No one wrote and told me they wanted it..so it sits languidly on the shelf…lonely…wanting desperately to speak into someone’s life and yet afraid of never being chosen.

I used to feel the same way in grade school when they picked sides for the lunch time baseball games…

And now here I sit again…holding the lonely book from December….and feeling lonely for its loneliness…

Brenda J Wood   http://www.heartfeltdevotionals.wordpress.com