Hot or Not?

Hot or not? True love is a Flame! That’s the title of the new Bethany House Book. Page 112 tells the story of ‘The Irresistable Orange Coat.’

I bought that orange coat with our farm tax money. Young and foolish? Certainly. Sorry for ever after? Absolutely. Many a marriage has gone down the drain for less.

What made the difference in ours? Yes, my hubby is tender-hearted. Yes, he loved me more than the tax money.

However, before our marriage, we consciously decided that the word divorce would never cross our lips. We were in it through thick and then. Ron suffered through episodes like the coat while I suffered through episodes of shame and personal unforgiveness.

Ron suffered through sleepless nights when I woke screaming after nightmares of childhood abuse.

I could continue with my list of personal failures. Yet if you asked Ron who got the best deal in our marriage, he would tell you that he did. Go figure.

That’s what forgiving love looks like. Each one wills to forgive the other. Each one loves the other just the way they are……and helps them grow to a new, healthier place.