Jacob’s Mess


I never know which house I’ll be, I am the last to know.

While Leah’s having babies, Rachel doesn’t know

How she’ll live without them. She blames me right and left.

Me? I’ve fathered everywhere. I’ve left no one bereft!

Leah’s home is full of babies, a full half-dozen now.

And both wives sent their maids to me. (To keep the peace, I bow.)

The maids might wish for better. Their sons aren’t really theirs.

I think of Grandpa Abe and his Hagar/ Ishmael cares.

Oh woe is me, I am undone. My life is full of stress.

I was happily a bachelor and now I’m in this mess!

Be careful when you desire a life different from the one you have. You might get it!

50th wedding anniversary–March 2

March 2 was our 50th wedding anniversary and  God threw me a 50th wedding anniversary party! I went to the podium to speak at exactly -to the minute- 50 years after Ron and I were declared man and wife.
So on March 3rd…
 I just got home after a trying but touching event last night.where people laughed, cried and came to know Jesus… I was quite controlled and strong—in Christ of course…but I am crying my way through today which is perfectly fine!
We were on our honeymoon and ordered pancakes one morning. My Ron was eating his way through a stack of them and looked up and said to me–When we get married, you will have to make me pancakes!
So I bought an order of them on the way home and ate every morsel with sausage and bacon and even syrup with never a thought of carbs, fat or dress size…

Wheat Thin Worries

“I’m out of wheat thins…my life is officially over,”  cries the TV commercial gal.Two brawny lads rush in with a truck full of Wheat Thins to save the family from certain extinction. “Who will be next,” they cry!

I want it to be me so I tweeted, faced and now am blogging about the whole thing. Crazy, aye? Some would say so but I am old enough now not to care.

I’ve spent most of my life playing it safe. I didn’t swing high because my brother fell off a swing and broke his arm. I didn’t tackle anything I might fail. Do you sense a theme here?

That’s why the neighbourhood jaws dropped a foot when I married my Ron. Back then he was the town ‘bad boy.’  In our little town that meant he stayed out past eleven and didn’t care what you thought about it.

I was Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. I  never broke rules and in fact, made up lots more of my own.

When we married, I stepped way out of my comfort zone  into a relationship of safety and love. I wish the same for you. True love involves a little risk.

And why not tweet about those crackers? Who knows maybe they do come to your door. and give you a million of them.  You could even have a wheat thin party. (But I tweeted first!)

Brenda J. Wood   www.heartfeltdevotionals.wordpress.com

Hot or Not?

Hot or not? True love is a Flame! That’s the title of the new Bethany House Book. Page 112 tells the story of ‘The Irresistable Orange Coat.’

I bought that orange coat with our farm tax money. Young and foolish? Certainly. Sorry for ever after? Absolutely. Many a marriage has gone down the drain for less.

What made the difference in ours? Yes, my hubby is tender-hearted. Yes, he loved me more than the tax money.

However, before our marriage, we consciously decided that the word divorce would never cross our lips. We were in it through thick and then. Ron suffered through episodes like the coat while I suffered through episodes of shame and personal unforgiveness.

Ron suffered through sleepless nights when I woke screaming after nightmares of childhood abuse.

I could continue with my list of personal failures. Yet if you asked Ron who got the best deal in our marriage, he would tell you that he did. Go figure.

That’s what forgiving love looks like. Each one wills to forgive the other. Each one loves the other just the way they are……and helps them grow to a new, healthier place.