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Book Review

Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite
“Meeting Myself” is a well-written 98 page book that will appeal to anyone fighting off inner demons by eating and to all those who may have done so since an early age. Author Brenda Wood has issues with food since an early age. She even recalls herself starting to eat her younger brother Larry’s chocolate Easter Bunny as well as her own as a four year old. Brenda Wood admits to having great inner anger at having been abused as a child. She doesn’t say what the abuse was or when, but the reader will surmise it wasn’t nice. Brenda Wood went from satisfying her fear of things and need for comfort by eating on to eating and then throwing up in the toilet which is bulimia. Even a happy, satisfying marriage did not cure Brenda’s demons until she took her Christian faith seriously and learned that God is with us in good times and bad times and proved it in her daily life.
“Meeting Myself” is a book that should be in everyone’s hands everywhere. Brenda Wood honestly tells the reader about her not always smooth path to controlling her eating binges, her bulimia. Brenda Wood is forthright in telling the reader how she would decide to walk with God and then lose her resolve and go on an eating binge. What she shares with the Christian reader is priceless in its honesty. On page 93 she writes: “Expose both abuse and eating disorder to the light. ..Keep telling until someone believes you.” She admits that she had great anger against her abuser, anger against the people who should have protected her from that abuse, and anger against herself. “Meeting Myself” is a book that will guide, inspire and keep the reader going when the dark clouds of life are overwhelming.

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From everydaychristian.com

When I wrote “Meeting Myself, Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind,” I had to paw through tons of mind garbage that I would rather not have revisited. Some days I felt like Paul in a Roman prison, waist deep in a sewer. Truths I never wanted to see again surfaced into sight from a boiling pool of oil. Thankfully that oil changed from the type that made me cry ‘burn me into ashes, erase all these memories,’ into the healing balm of the Holy Spirit.

The book helped me clean out my personal junk storage and readers say it’s helping them with their own abuse/eating issues.

Yet I still wonder about the mind of the abuser. I ask myself if they care that they left a shattered person behind them. Surely if they did they would never abuse. Would they? It is said that abusers have themselves been abused. If they met that pain, endured that horror, surely they would not want to inflict it on another. Would they?

The Bible gives fair warning to all who abuse. Oh yes it does. Check out Matthew 18:6-7.

“But if you give them a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t. You’d be better off dropped in the middle of the lake with a millstone around your neck. Doom to the world for giving these God-believing children a hard time! Hard times are inevitable, but you don’t have to make it worse—and it’s doomsday to you if you do (MSG)

A millstone is one of two massive circular stones used to grind grain in a mill. You can see one at any farming museum. Picture a person with their head through the center of that. God takes child abuse seriously.

Yet we, the abused, remain shattered. Or do we? Not if we receive the healing offered through the Christ.  Not if we let our minds be renewed and declare our bodies as God’s.

What has God called you to face that seems unendurable? Whatever it is, God’s Holy Spirit will get you through it.

Prayer: Lord, give us, the abused children of your world, your grace, healing and peace. Grant a sensible mind to those who abuse so that they might be willing to walk a new life that no longer includes an attack on the powerless. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Gift from a Friend-Review!

Are you tired of these reveiws? I am so blessed that people love my book. You’d have to read it to understand why it means so much to me….anyway enjoy Louise Aspden’s words and sign on to her blog. LIFE: The Flip Side -A look at life on the flip side of FIFTY

My review of a great little book… MEETING MYSELF: Snippets of a Binging and Bulging Mind by Brenda J. Wood

At first glance the cover of this book tells you it is about someone who has an eating disorder. Which is true. But what it doesn’t tell you is how intimately Brenda reveals her struggle with her own self loathing and how she slowly is able to find her way back to loving herself and healing through her faith. Her sense of humour and clever use of metaphor gently carries the reader through her painful and inspiring journey. I received many gifts from this book that either enlightened me or reinforced what I already believed.

Gift Number One: Eating disorders of all kinds come from a place of self-loathing. Mostly, self-loathing comes from a history of physical or emotional abuse. Brenda journals “I always believed I would be a better person if only I were thin.” Cognitively we know that thin people are not better people nor are overweight people unlovable. But in the self-loathing mind, creating a flawed exterior provides a false sense of security. Without that mask, they have to look at and deal with the “why” which is the pain that got them there. There is much less agony in the moment to just keep binging.

Gift Number Two: In her struggle with her faith in god she writes, “He must not love me. That is why I am unable to love him back.” I am beginning to believe that true faith (of any kind) will only be achieved if you feel you are loveable. Even a glimmer of the beautiful light of love or worthiness can be the impetus for change. Brenda sees that glimmer through God and the shift begins to take hold.

Gift Number Three: Even after conquering the bulimic beast, the suffering still continued. Brenda writes: “God started to point out that total freedom involves forgiveness.” This is something I firmly believe and try to live by. Forgiveness is a selfish act. Without it you will never be able to shed your past and live fully in the moment. Gift Number Four: She realized that “He (God) was seeking righteous fruit, not a religious nut.” I am fortunate to know Brenda. I admire her in many ways. One of which is her quiet and steady faith. I was raised in the midst of a family that included some confused, judgmental and disingenuous church goers. I think that they confused the “doing” of being a Christian with the “being” of a Christian. Brenda’s wisdom and humour is a true gift to any reader. I encourage you to join her on her journey of courage and enlightenment. You won’t regret it.

Meeting Myself is available on AMAZON & GREAT CANADIAN AUTHOR. Bookstores, schools, churches and ministries may purchase copies directly through Word Alive Inc., by calling customer services at 1-800-665-1468 or through the website: WORLDALIVE.CA More from Brenda J. Wood: Heartfelt Devotionals

Meeting Myself—-review

Every author wonders if readers will get the message. Pure joy floods our heart when they do…

My Dear Friend Lynn just read Meeting Myself, Snippetsfrom a BInging and Bulging Mind. Here are her thoughts. I’d love to read yours as well.

Hey Lady!!!   Read your amazing book, cover to cover when I got home and have been trying since then to find a way to express my multitude of emotions.  First I want to tell you how brave I think you are to be willing to share your journey.  My heart aches for the child you were and the adult that you became as a result of the abuse you suffered. I cannot imagine the strength it took for you to survive the pain you must have felt.   I remain in awe of your faith and the courage it must have taken to let go of your pain and anger. The testimony this book provides must surely be a blessing to everyone who has the privilege to read it.  Thank you for sharing it with me.

Love you



Meeting Myself Info

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Meeting Myself-the read

I didn’t want to….I couldn’t make myself do it….too busy crying from the minute it arrived at my house.

What’s that? Didn’t want to read my own new book? Cared not to see the words in actual print? No. Read it 100 times while writing, editing, preparing for book launch.

Worked myself into a frenzy of grief from 2:00 when it arrived, till 7:20 pm…..ate plenty to ‘comfort’ my heart. Here is news again for all…your drug of choice does not make your heart happy….

Anyway, finally at 7:20 common sense reared its pretty little head once more —-because the icecream was all gone—-and I picked up the book and opened to the dedication page.

For Ron, who walked with me every step of the way.

Ron read Meeting Myself: Snippets from a binging and bulging mind. Then I sent it into the Word Alive Press contest last summer. He died shortly after that and then a week or so later I got the winning news.

And the thought came to me that Ron knew that his job was done here. He’d seen me safely into healing and completeness. He knew that I knew that God has made all things in me well. He knew that bulimia and its related attacks had no more power over me. He knew I had the strength to carry on because I’d found the Christ, the truth of all life.

And then I realized that I’d better live like it…….