Upcoming Speaking Events

1-November 11 – MOPS, Barrie Free Methodist Church

Topic- The Angst of Journaling or Do I Really Want To Know That!

2-November 13 – Thornhill Christian Women- Heintzman House

Topic- What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do.

3.   January 15 –  Newmarket Christian Women

Topic- What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do.

4. January 29 – Highway Pentacostal Church, Barrie

Are You Stuck in Haran?

Hugged a Baby Lately?

I just spent the most delightful morning with the gals at our local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group.

These young women and their children represent the future of our world. They will be the leaders, the changers in the years to come.

The group supports moms who need a day out, a break from diapers and dishes.

They always need volunteers to pamper their little ones for the couple of hours of meeting time.

Have you hugged a baby lately? There is one near you, in your MOPS group, with your name on him/her!

Try it. You will like it!

Dr Oz says that one of the most soothing of all smells is baby powder. Why not get a little sniff of sweetness at your local MOPS!! Brenda J Wood