Cheating Emails

Are you getting them too? Those scam guys and gals who want to swindle you out of your money?  They are using our hearts to get at our wallets.

They tell great sob stories, get rich quick schemes and use what ever else they can dream up. I joined, a free ‘stop scams’ type of newsletter so that I won’t fall for the sad moans of the dishonest.

Apparently North Americans are the most susceptible.

Why is that? We have more than most so why do we chase after more?

Did you know that 53 out of every 100 people live on less than 2.00 a day? We are millionaires to the rest of the world and we still don’t think we have enough?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we truly wanted more so that we could give more? Unfortunately that is not the truth of the matter.

“Oh my friends, enjoy your money. Make the most of it. Give none away. Enjoy it quickly for I can tell you, you will be beggars throughout eternity. Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

When I fed them, they were satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot Me  (Hosea 13:6)


Brenda J. Wood