Chasing Francis

Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron was definitely not my first choice for a
read, but on the web site I review for, it was the only ‘real’ book offered.
That is to say–it is a real paper book, not an e book.

Anyway to my
delight- I love the book. I am a fan of St Francis but some of the other data
written about St Francis is rather hard to digest. By creating the story (and
the history) around a pastor who has lost his faith, the author is able to bring
St Francis to life.

Fortunately, that pastor has a convenient uncle in
Italy and that uncle is a Franciscan priest. I don’t know about you, but I do
not have such a convenience. Never mind, you will soon feel like part of the
family as you too, travel the paths of St Francis through out Italy
You will
come away with a fresh glimpse of faith, a renewal of your own and an
appreciation of those saints who have gone before us.
Thomas Nelson
publishing at supplied me with this book in exchange for an
unbiased review.
Brenda J Wood,

With by Skye Jethani

The author of With took five prepositions and investigated each one in relationship to God.

For instance, as I understand it,  Life UNDER God believes divine will is the center of the ‘cosmic apple’ and is the capricious will of God. It’s “Hey God, if I do this you owe me that.

Life OVER God believes that natural laws and principles are at the center.

Life FROM God places self and its desires at the core and the world revolves around self and personal desires. It is a gimmee, gimme attitude.

Life FOR God puts God’s mission in place of God Himself. God is your personal GPS so to speak.

But Life WITH God? The goal is not to use God but to have a relationship. The goal is God.

I found myself examining my personal relationship with God, hoping to find only WITH God…I wish I was that wonderful. No there are some traces of UNDER, OVER, FROM, FOR but large chunks are WITH God. And the result of WITH God?  Joy, because relationship is its center.

I challenge you to read this book and take the time to check yourself out…and then aim for WITH God.



You Will Want to Buy This Book!

Your Money God’s Way by Amie Streater

Our reviews are generally about 200 words. So far that’s been enough for me.I’ve never before appreciated a book so much that I wanted to write two reviews for it, just so I could use more words! This book is it.The solution? Buy the book- ASAP.This is tough love money talk from a pastor who cares about how God’s people handle money.
It is truth we all need to hear and it is not like any other money book you have read.
She tells us truth like this.
If you are just plain stupid with your money, it is not God’s fault.
If you aren’t grateful for what you have,you won’t be grateful for more.
How we use money is a barometer of our spiritual condition.
The problem is never money and the answer is always God.
Saying no to a controlling, manipulative person does not yield pleasant results. They will accuse you of lacking compassion, not caring and even question your salvation..all in the name of getting you to cough up assistance one more time. Buy the book. It will change your life..
I do wish it had a study guide to go along with it so easier taught.
Brenda J.Wood

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

What a stimulus for those of us who feel like our lives have no meaning. Oh, come on, admit it. I’m not the only one.

This  book traces the Law of Sensitive Dependence upon Initial Conditions in a few lives. For instance, The author makes the case that if Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain hadn’t held his men firmly in line at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, North America would have become a fractured slew of several small countries and unable to save the world from extinction during World War Two.

I agree with his story while certain Canadian annoyances fester in my heart. (Americans joined the war at the last minute and contrary to popular American opinion, they did not save the world alone!)

That aside, I do get a new sense that living my life to its fullest does make a difference to the world. My smallest gesture is a life-changing moment impacting generations to come.

As the author says, everything we do matters. Every action we make, and every action we take matters to all of us, forever.

So what are you doing today that will make a difference everywhere? Everything.

Right now, Canadians are fussing over whether we should bother filling out census forms.  The government makes decisions based on  information gathered. Generations  have to live with those actions.

Yes, we matter. Our life matters. Every decision matters.  ‘Write’ on, Andy.

Brenda J. Wood

Let’s Do Lunch- Reviewed

Roger Troy Wilson ( Thomas Nelson) lost a lot of weight following this diet. True testimonials in the book allow that others have too.

The book is well written and easy to read. The recipes sound yummy. It will help some to lose weight because they need to believe that their bodies are different.

Bet here are the facts. We lose weight when we put less food in and more exercise out. If we take in  1500 calories and burn off 1500 calories we will stay at the same weight. That is simply scientific truth. Eliminating foods or eating them in certain combinations makes no difference to our weight loss.

Enjoy the book. It is a great read but the information is not new. It will not be your last diet. That is, unless you continue to eat low fat, eat less than your body needs and ‘force’ yourself to pick something beside dessert.