Horrible Habits


I am surely speaking to an orderly crowd with no bad habits showing in any way. Unfortunately, you are reading a writer who has quite a few she is still trying to overcome.

Our bad habits are travel agents for guilt as we struggle with them and our failure to overcome them. The trouble is that we love our bad habits, don’t we?

Ice cream is one of my weaknesses. I like it way too much, way too much for comfort, weight loss, and common sense. I fail to control that bad ice cream habit when I purposely drive by my favorite store that sells my favorite flavor (with chocolate sauce on top!)

I could take another street to my destination but somehow I enjoy the torment of driving past (or into) what torments me.

I say enough is enough. What can we do today to help ourselves overcome the thing that we hate and yet that we continue to do?

The Last Five Pounds

“I’m tired of losing the same five pounds over and over.”  I guess my friend was tired of my whining. This is her reply.

“Then don’t lose them!   If you lose something then you usually look for it and then you find it.

Try releasing it to Jesus in prayer and worship and watch him get the glory. It may not happen overnight or as quickly as you want but it will happen in His timing.”

How will you use this wisdom in your own life? It applies anywhere from pounds to people.

Think of the bad attitudes, the cranky relatives and the size twenty slacks that keep turning up in our vicinity.

This is the only finding we should be worried about.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7, NIV)

Prayer – Father God, steer us in the right direction so that the things we keep looking for all lead to you and your will for our lives. Amen

I guess by now your January goal of weight loss, no smoking or whatever has gone by the way side. Here is the reason. Intolerance of our present situation creates our future. Until we hate being fat more than we like chocolate cake, there will be no change in our scale numbers.