Just as I put the key in the door, I suddenly remembered that I’d left a pan of eggs on the boil.

My grandaughter, Lorisa and I had planned a leisurely trip to the library followed by an equally tranquil slice of pizza at a local shop. And it was all those things; until we found the eggs. Or rather…they found us.

Thankfully only two of the five eggs made it to oblivion. The other three clung desperately to the base of the cooking pot, their little bottoms about the colour of God’s good black planting soil.

You would be surprised how far an egg can travel when it is heated beyond its blow up point. Bits of shell, white and entire yolks spread themselves a good twenty feet in diameter. I am grateful that we only had chicken eggs. Ostrich would have travelled half- way to the Netherlands.

But listen to this!The yolks were mostly intact. The centres stayed in one piece! Yes their edges were a little ragged, but they stayed strong and firm(very!) I thought about the grieving process and how my centre is strong and firm, because my centre is Jesus.

Isaiah 49:13-Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.

Psalm 119:76-May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.
All that is left is the stinky smell…and that is not from God…The pain will pass….

Ron’s Special Day

Today is Ron’s special day. It is the day we’ll all talk about what a great guy he is (sorry-Sometimes I forget and talk in present tense.) We will share memories with one another. Then we will all eat birthday cake. (Yes, you heard  right. I ordered ten cakes from Costco. They say “Welcome Home.”) After all, we are celebrating the day he went to be with Jesus.

Ron thoroughly disliked  ‘funeral’ food. Musty tuna salad with mayo and pickles, ham chopped up beyond recognition, egg salad without onion, and phoney turkey  made him leery. He would say, “There’s hardly ever a decent roast beef sandwich in the lot.”

Of course there’s always squares. Diabetics don’t eat squares. You can see why he often talked of a Wendy’s burger after these occasions.

So that is our day. After the cake we will all go home. Most everyone will chat on the way. They will discuss how awful the food was, how great the music, and how maudlin the family speeches.

But today, I drive in lonely silence toward  a lonely home.

Brenda J Wood